by Francesco Luna

The Kercher Family
The Kercher Family

The pain of the Kerchers for the tragic, horrible loss of Meredith is immense and deserves respect. But now time has come for them to come forward and exit from ambiguity. They are good people and they don’t want other lives to be taken because of this tragedy. They have now a responsibility that they cannot ignore: to avoid more violence and more tragedy. There is a large group of people who have been relentlessly threatening and insulting Amanda Knox since this story began, in 2007. They have grown more and more violent and aggressive, but until last Friday, 27 March 2015, they had a goal: to see Amanda convicted for Meredith’s murder. Now that the Italian Supreme Court has officially said that Amanda is not responsible for that murder, they are really going crazy.

These people have been dubbed “haters”, and for a reason. They are blinded by hate. They are not all violent or potentially dangerous, of course, but surely someone in that group is. I read, yesterday, that FBI is taking threats to Amanda Knox very seriously. This is a serious alarm that should not be ignored.

There is one thing the Kerchers should seriously understand, now. These crazy people are letting their frustration off in their name. They are hiding behind Meredith’s name and photo to discharge an incredibly large load of anger, hate and aggressiveness through social media and elsewhere. There is a serious risk that someone belonging to that group decide to go to Seattle and think to become the hero who avenged Meredith.

The Kerchers should not allow this. Not in Meredith’s name. Enough blood has been shed, enough pain, enough tragedy. It is time for them to speak clearly.

Kerchers’ remarks after Friday’s verdict are not in the right direction. Saying that they don’t understand the SC’s decision is not acceptable. They understand it, it’s just they don’t want to. The decision is very clear: Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are not those the Kerchers thought they were. They did not kill Meredith. Repeating that they “don’t understand” and that they are “surprised and shocked” does not help and is not right. There is really nothing to understand, it is extremely simple. Rudy Guede killed their daughter and sister: he was robbing her apartment when she returned home and he brutally murdered her.

It is time to end this tragic saga and to avoid more senseless crime. The Kerchers are the only ones who can do it. Whoever can reach out to them, should explain this to them. They need to say clearly that they accept the decision and that they will not support any act of violence, hate, aggressiveness towards the former defendants. And they have to do it now. Before it’s too late.

  • Vivian Lee

    I’m sorry but the Kercher’s are part of the “haters”. They don’t want justice, if they did they would be angry over the real murderer getting such a soft sentence and even getting out during the day.

    • JLS1950

      The Kercher family has been misled by Italian authorities and by “theirs own” Italian attorney, Maresca. This Maresca either had his eye on tens of millions of euros for which there was never any funding source (Knox never had the money, nor did Sollecito) or else he was paid by someone else to obfuscate and coral the Kerchers like a shepherd dog – or perhaps a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Maresca sunk his teeth in and simply would not let go and would not tell his clients the truth: that Knox and Sollecito were not involved and there was never any valid evidence against them.

      The Kerchers are a family victimized THREE TIMES. First they were victimized by their daughter’s SOLE KILLER, Rudy Guede. Next they were victimized by Italian officials including police in both Perugia and Rome ranging from the murder squad chief Napoleoni to self-styled Sherlock Edgardo Giobbi to “DNA maven” Stefanoni – as well as the Public Minister in charge of all investigative activity, Giuliano Mignini. And then for the third time they were victimized by their own blood-sucking attorney Maresca who promised them tens of millions of euros that he well knew he could NEVER deliver.

      So I’ll cut the Kerchers a bit of slack for a few weeks while they figure out that they have been lied to on every side and that as result of believing those lies they have themselves lied about and viciously slandered one of their daughter’s last new friends who simply wanted to be there to comfort them when they arrived in Italy in their grief that terrible November day 7-1/2 years ago.

      But after 7-1/2 years, they had best not stretch their incredulity very long: they have all that time to figure out that they have been lied to, and time is running out.

  • Larry Saltzman

    Extremely well said. The Kercher’s said they wanted justice for their daughter. They don’t realize they got justice. The guilty person is in jail, though will get out too soon, but that is the responsibility of Italy. Pursuing vengeance against Amanda is so wrong. They have a chance to do the right thing and end this is a way that will honor their daughter. That way is to allow their daughters friend Amanda, to resume her life in peace. If nothing else they owe it to Meredith.

  • Niteangel

    I’m repeating myself but …someone had to say this, thank you for having the courage to do so. The Kerchers need to “wake up” and smell the roses at some point, before, as you said, some crazy hater decides, in his twisted mind, that he/she should avenge Meredith by murdering Amanda or Raffaele. I too understand that the pain of having lost a daughter is immense, unbearable, but to continue insisting that 2 people, against whom there is really no evidence whatsoever, are murderers, is simply not right, in any way, shape, or form.

    They were not sent back to appeal, nor acquitted, but declared completely innocent, it should give them (and everyone else) a clue.

    • Jason Weber

      Well said, Angel. The Kerchers appear to be a rather simple family, and probably don’t have the knowledge to realize that they’re only deepening and prolonging their own wounds with their thirst for blood.

      The man who killed their daughter was convicted and sentenced. On to the next chapter: grieving (which they haven’t done yet, due to their thirst for blood, coping, and rebuilding their lives.

      • Justice Seeker

        You know nothing of the Kerchers! A simple family indeed! How you howl when someone judges Amanda on her past lifestyle, or calls her Foxy Knoxy, yet you willingly stereotype the Kerchers. In the UK they have enormous respect. This dignified family has never criticised AK or RS, yet somehow they are responsible for all the nutcases out there on BOTH sides of this case.

        • Tom Mininger

          I know very little about the Kerchers. I did not appreciate John Kercher trying to distract attention away from each Hellman court hearing with a tactically timed Daily Mail article. There were independent experts (not defense, not prosecution) doing their job.
          I’ve read enough of John Douglas and Mark Olshaker’s material to understand that I cannot understand the agony suffered by a murder victim’s family.

        • JLS1950

          I am sure that the Kerchers as very caring (and hurt) people and consider themselves to be honest. But the truth is that they have been victimized at least three times:
          -Their daughter was murdered by Rudy Guede….ALONE.
          -Perugia police and Public Minister lied to them about the circumstances of the murder, and continued to lie again and again to cover their own incompetence and dishonesty and to hide the true circumstances of their daughter’s/sister’s death.
          -Their “own” attorney (who has a special relationship with the Public Minister, BTW) deliberately led them far astray in order to keep them from questioning the official “crime theory”

          The Kercher family has been betrayed by a murder, by police, by the prosecutor, and by their own hired legal counsel. Unfortunately, the willingness of the Kerchers – in their intense grief – to accept these deliberate and malicious lies has resulted in nearly irreparable damage to two innocent lives and to the lives of the innocents’ family members.

          It is time for the Kerchers to wake up and realize just how cruelly and viciously they have been betrayed – and to open their arms to Knox and Sollecito who never had ANYTHING to do with their daughter’s death except to be the first to sound the alarm. It is time to seek and to accept forgiveness for false accusations even if made in well-meaning belief. It is time to admit that one has been misled and that one has been wrong. It is time to heal and to be healed.

        • guest

          The most honest and real comment on this bat shit crazy forum. The idiots that support knox here are deranged and scary.

  • Ryan Rardin

    I think it would help the situation if the prosecutors and police officers who botched the case were held accountable and fired.

    • carlofab

      It appears most have by now been either dismissed for corruption on unrelated matters or promoted to higher positions. Perugia’s police boasted of having decorated themselves for excellence in the investigation, and I think it would be good if they were at least stripped of such recognition.

  • DiaKristy

    Thank you for saying this tho I respect that the Kerchers may wish to wait for the 90-day document. They were clearly victims, too, which is just unimaginable. I hope it will dawn on them SOON that this ruling is good news for them, too! Meredith’s closest student friend in Italy did not kill, assault, torture or victimize her. She also did not insult, scorn or accuse Meredith’s family but, in fact waited patiently and respectfully, faithfully believing the truth would come out. Amanda has great memories to share with the Kerchers, as she has already done in her book, ‘Waiting to be Heard’, which they, under Magnini’s guidance, have thus far refused to read. I look forward to the lights unfolding for the Kercher family and continue to pray for them. Maybe one day the manufacturers will succeed at restoring the hard drives, which would be the best present of all!

  • Sosa Laforge

    Kercher family are disappointed because they thought by suing Amanda and Raffaele, they would receive a substantial amount of money. They really didn’t care much about Meredith.

    • Sosa, your comment is inappropriate.

    • Smalldeer

      That is a terrible thing to say, comments like that are what the guilters use to paint supporters in a bad light.

      • guest

        Are you doped up? Pin prick eyes (both men in the pic). Try to abstain. Don’t post when stoned Ms Kendall. Have a good evening Eve.

  • BostonFred

    For eight long years the guilters have not understood the case for innocence. They have been in denial/anger/grief. Now is the time for acceptance. Now is the time to move on. This eternal trial has kept them in denial/anger/grief way too long. Move on.

    • Justice Seeker

      I was a guilter, but there is a time to let go and move on. Whatever we may have believed, it is time to accept the verdict with grace.

      • Tom Mininger

        Thank you.

  • Jason Weber

    These people have acquired the American bloodthirsty culture of revenge. The couldn’t care less if the person who murdered their daughter was convicted and sentenced.

    Their thirst for blood is sickening, but it’s everlasting. They want as many people as they can get locked up or dead.

    This is the way a more simple family deals with a loss. It’s absolutely not the proper way to grieve, and it only prolongs their agony. They need to realize the person who killed their daughter was tried, convicted, and sentenced, and then work on the healing process.

    Get rid of the thirst for blood; it only deepens the wounds.

    • Alana Stephens

      I would not refer to American culture as ‘bloodthirsty’ in this context. I also don’t believe that John Kercher is ‘simple’. His writing does reveal a certain amount of education and insight, but for whatever reason, he does not understand very young women like Amanda was. He seems to have been baffled by many of Amanda’s reactions and actions, which he described as those of a teenager, rather than of a young woman. Amanda was different from his own daughter, that’s all. I don’t think this family (The Kercher’s) can use be ‘simple’ as any kind of excuse for their actions regarding Amanda and Raffaele. They are intelligent enough people to fully understand that Amanda and Raffaele are not guilty of having anything to do with their daughter/sister’s murder. They just don’t want to look at the facts, but this verdict should force them to do so.

  • carlofab

    The Italian weekly Panorama writes:

    “If anyone here got away with anything, it was certainly not Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. It was those [prosecutors and police] who have written one of the blackest pages of criminal investigation in Italy.”



    Any and all sane human beings should immediately denounce anyone who spews hatred filled threats toward Amanda Knox!

    • JLS1950

      However, we need to verify who is actually spewing such threats first, as many “threats” are reported which were never made at all. The Kercher family has called it quits on this case, and they are now NOT apparently the source of such threats.

      • guest

        You and other knox groupies like yourself were demented to ever believe the Kercher’s would spread vicious rumours or EVER make ANY threats. Thats your arena Joe. Three definate violent threats (tip of the iceberg) have been bought to the correct attention recently. I presume you have gone too far this time. It was to be expected, behaviour like yours only ever increases in seriousness. You have followed the pattern of many internet stalkers.

        • JLS1950

          Never believedor claimed the Kerchers made any threats – but I think there were many threats made “for them” in the same manner that “Knox’s” two “Spontaneous Declarations” were written “for her” by Anna Donnino (as admitted in Donnino’s courtroom testimony.)

          Presumption is about all you have left. That and fantasy. The case is OVER.

          DEAL WITH IT!

          • guest

            U can never deal with the actual subject of ones post. Why is that? Scaredyou have gone too far and itn a short time you will have to answer to your behaviours with the correct authorities. You have NEVER answered one serious question asked of you. You dodge the questions – Knox’s case may be over in your mind (except her convictions of lying and damages for doing so) but YOUR case is just beginning.

            DEAL WITH IT!

          • JLS1950

            You posted on an “actual subject”??? I thought you were just heaping disconnected scorn like you always do!

            Oh well, if someone cautioned you not to cross the street on a red light, you would probably claim that was a “death threat”!

          • guest

            Always knew you would be a regular visitor of red light areas. Meet AK on one of your visits?

          • JLS1950

            Where I drive we use roundabouts.

        • carlofab

          John Kercher in his book Meredith makes mention of the hate sites as a source of information.

  • JLS1950

    The Kercher family has now renounced their interest in continued pursuit for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. For that they must be respected and even honored. We must NOT forget that it is the Kerchers – not Amanda Knox or Raffaele Sollecito – who are the real victims in this case. For all the wrongs done to Knox and Sollecito by the Italian police and (i)justice system, it yet remains that Meredith Kercher is dead and NOTHING that either we or the Italian Corte Suprema di Cassazione can do or say or “rule” can ever change that.

    I have previously been somewhat short with the Kercher family because of my sense that they were ONE of the driving forces behind the unjust persecution of Knox and Sollecito. But I have always tempered those remarks with my strong conviction that the Kerchers were misled and despitefully used by Italian police and prosecutors and judges and even by their own Italian attorney Francesco Maresca – all in an effort to cover up the truth of police and prosecutor incompetence, presumptuousness and likely even complicity in the death of their daughter – if only in that despite repeated reports of armed burglary of occupied premises, Perugian and Milanese police utterly failed to apprehend and constrain Meredith’s murderer, Rudy Guede before he struck. Instead, police and prosecutor made up a fanciful but utterly fictional tale of Meredith’s death and used that to accuse and persecute two innocents as well as to manipulate Meredith’s very family into pursuing false accusations.

    But this is over now. Nothing can bring Meredith back, but as the Kercher family has turned from the misguided pursuit of Knox and Sollecito, we must remember that it is THEY and THEIR daughter who are the real victims in this tragedy. THEY are the ones we must remember and seek to comfort now, for they have been misled for seven long and horrific years about the death of their daughter and sister. As they wait for the Motivations of Cassazione to be written by Judge Marasca, we must open our arms to them so that they can see and understand that in their sorrow and grief we stand shoulder to shoulder with them – indeed asking all the same deep and troubling questions which now shake their own very souls: WHY were they told that these two were responsible and now are told they are and always have been innocent? WHY were the Kerchers told to blame their daughter’s death on two young people who had nothing to do with it after all except to prompt the discovery? WHY were they lied to at every turn?

    I bear no ill will whatever toward the Kercher family. I even go so far as to apologize here for treating them harshly even when I felt that I had to at the time – and I here publicly and humbly ask their forgiveness for words that may have reached them and hurt them at all – expecting and demanding no response whatever from them – but I place myself ON RECORD that I stand in solidarity with this horribly wronged and cheated and wounded family as they seek the TRUE answers to their daughter’s brutal murder.

    My God grant them TRUTH and understanding and finally the real justice they have always deserved!