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Did False Testimony Lead To The Wrongful Conviction Of Byron Case?

This week, Injustice Anywhere Radio discussed the Byron Case case with Byron’s mother Evelyn Case, and the author of “The Skeptical Juror and the Trial of Byron Case,” John Bennett Allen.

Anastasia Elizabeth WitbolsFeugen was murdered on the evening of October 22, 1997. Her body was found in a cemetery with a gunshot wound to her face. WitbolsFeugen had been fighting with her fiancé Justin Bruton on the night of her murder. Bruton’s body would later be found behind an abandoned warehouse where he had taken his own life with a shotgun.

Police repeatedly referred to WitbolsFeugen’s death as a murder suicide but the case remained open for three years, until police received shocking information from Kelly Moffett implicating her ex-boyfriend Byron Case for the murder. Moffett and Case were friends with WitbolsFeugen and Bruton and were with the couple earlier in the evening before the murder occurred.

According to Byron’s supporters, the prosecution’s case was built primarily on the testimony of the embittered ex-girlfriend Moffett. They claim she implicated Case in an act of revenge because Case had ended their relationship. Supporters also claim that Moffett has a long history with drug abuse and mental illness. Case is currently serving two consecutive life sentences for murder based on her testimony. Did the false testimony of a vindictive ex-girlfriend take the freedom of an innocent man? Tune in to hear the details of this compelling case.

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  • elpinguo

    Mr understanding is that Kelly was not a drug addict at the time of the murder. She started using drugs heavily in the first two months after the murder. At this moment I’m not certain wether Byron pulled the trigger or not.

  • SamIng

    Why would Justin have to buy a gun if they had a suicide pact. They would have held up guns to themselves at the same time.

  • Richard Barchas

    There is no question in my mind that Byron Case murdered Anastasia, acting alone. Kelly had reasons to lie (e.g., fearing for her safety from Byron) up until she finally disclosed the truth three years later. Justin’s suicide was a result of his enormous guilt at letting things get out of hand and creating the conditions for Byron to act. Byron established his guilt completely during his phone conversation with Kelly, as he did not deny her statements as to why HE killed Anastasia. It makes no difference that Kelly was an abuser of drugs and alcohol, or that Byron rejected her. Justin didn’t do it. Kelly didn’t do it. A stranger didn’t do it. That leaves one person – Byron. Byron Case is simply a very bad person and prison is where he should be for the rest of his life. The prosecutor got it right. The jury got it right. The appeals court got it right each time. This is not a case of wrongful conviction. The system worked and will continue to work.