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Wrongful Convictions

New Banner Posted For: Justice For Jermane Scott

Advocates for Jermane Scott recently submitted a banner to be displayed here on Wrongful Conviction News. You can view this banner on the right hand column of each page on this website. These banners are made available here for informational purposes only. Please visit Jermane Scott’s website to learn more about his case. https://justice4jermane.wordpress.com/summary/ Free Advertising For Advocates The advertisements …

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This article was originally published on GroundReport. Just over eight years ago Rudy Hermann Guede told of his involvement in the death of Meredith Kercher. His testimony, to this day, is the only first person account with exact details that match evidence left at the scene. He relates enough insight throughout his narrative to give one a sense of what …

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Wrongful Conviction Community Mourns The Loss Of Joseph W Bishop

The wrongful conviction community has been left in shock with the news of Joseph W Bishop’s passing. Joe was a staunch advocate for the wrongfully convicted. He worked tirelessly to bring people together to help spread the word about causes he cared deeply about. He traveled the world to attend court hearings, conferences, congressional hearings, and various fundraisers, all in …

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Judges For Justice Releases Video Detailing Christopher Tapp False Confession

Christopher Tapp was convicted in 1998 of raping and killing 18-year-old Idaho Falls resident, Angie Dodge, in 1996. The only evidence in the case was a confession by Tapp which is arguably false. Tapp’s confession has all the signs of an unreliable coerced confession. Many people, including the victim’s mother believe Tapp is innocent of the crime. Judges for Justice advocates for Tapp and has …

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Recent Generation Why Podcast Misses The Mark On Jeff Havard Case

The Jeff Havard case was recently discussed on the Generation Why Podcast. Generation Why is a podcast hosted by two guys named Aaron and Justin. Each podcast presents a conversation between the two hosts discussing various topics involving true crime and mystery. Our organization Injustice Anywhere is appreciative that Generation Why chose to discuss Jeff’s case but we came away …

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For the past five years I was part of an international group of professionals and laypersons who insisted on the public’s right-to-know regarding Meredith Kercher, Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito’s case as it played out in Italy. The international group helping the Knox and Sollecito families are collectively known as the Supporters, the Innocentisti, the Pro-Innocence People (PIP) or the …

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